Vegetarian & Vegan Essentials Bundle

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Dietary Nutrition Fortification
The Vegetarian & Vegan Essentials Bundle contains important vitamins and minerals often missing from vegetarian and vegan diets. Supplementation of these vital nutrients can help maintain optimal health.


The Vegetarian & Vegan Essentials Bundle contains:

B12 Folate
B12 Folate is a high potency vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin) and folic acid formula designed as a quick dissolve sublingual lozenge. This offers rapid absorption of the biologically active form of methylcobalamin into the bloodstream, thus bypassing several potential issues in the B12 absorption cycle of the digestive tract.

Premium D
Premium D1000 is a unique Food Nutrient Vitamin D formula designed with food matrix molecules for high bioavailability, assimilation and absorption. Vitamin D is essential in preventing and combating a broad range of diseases and health conditions and is beneficial in the following categories: aging, cardiovascular, digestive, immune, metabolism, musculoskeletal, nervous, oral, respiratory, reproductive, hormonal, and skin.

CalMag D
CalMag D in a 1:1 ratio with added Vitamin D2 is targeted for the support of general bone health.

Medicinal Ingredients: For individual ingredient and risk information, see product package information.


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